Let’s do things with “EXUBERANCE”!

Let’s do things with “EXUBERANCE”!

What does it mean to do things with “EXUBERANCE” ?

A few months ago, I decided to move to Switzerland. Time for me to enter in a new life cycle. Therefore, the “easiest” or best way to do that is to: get a job, get a work permit, open a bank account, and become allowed to rent my own apartment. So, I started to send resumes.

Oh boy, I’m already so tired of sending boring, « fit in the mold » resumes… Such a boring game!!! So I decided to change!

A friend of mine recommended to me to do things with “EXUBERANCE”. In other words, to be audacious. And I decided that it’s actually a good idea! Because…


And you know what? I like it!!

Rentrer dans le moule peut rendre tarte !

Ok for certain things, I fit in the mold: my look fits in the mold, the way I communicate and interact with people is also “in the mold” and I’m all for the good manners, empathy and an efficient way of working etc, etc…

However, when it comes to certain topics, my way of thinking and seeing life is more on the “E.T” (Extra-Terrestrials) side.

How can people expect innovative, “stand out from the crowd” ideas from me, if my resume MUST look like everyone else? If I must conform and act 100% like everybody?

I am different. Call me.
I am different. Call me.

I think we need to create more space for creativity.

More space for being just ourselves. Without judging each other. I believe we tend to that. We are HUMANS not robots!!! Only robots can do exactly to same things over and over again!

Some imperfection is good! It can lead to good things! There’s more “soul” into it. It’s more unique and valuable. Human touch is more valuable than what is manufactured by a robot! Even if both ways have pros and cons.

Probably, we need to think of re-humanizing our society and products…

Ok for certain areas, A.I. is becoming more and more popular but that’s another debate for another article.

I’m perfectly aware of the risk I’m taking here… The conservative people will not like my speech. But that’s ok. I’m ok with it. I’m ready to receive criticism if there is.

Anyway, I need to attract people in my life who can have sincere appreciation for who I am and what I bring to the table. Otherwise, what’s the point?

As Steve Jobs said: “Your time is limited so do not waste it living someone else’s life.”

“Your time is limited so do not waste it living someone else’s life.”

The people who change the world are the ones who see the world differently.

Different thoughts, different perceptions. Visionaries. Dreamers.

And doers, of course! ;-P

But again, doers that do things differently sometimes 😉

Today, I think people might choose the people they want to do business with, with the wrong criteria.

I’ve seen many preferring to choose someone who is 100% directly operational. Ok. No waste of time, indeed.

But on the long run, what’s preferable?

Indeed, someone who knows it all and cannot or can hardly change because they’ve got habits?

OR, someone who:

. loves learning, wants to learn and knows how to learn a lot and fast;

. can cope and find solutions in any situation;

. trained his/her communication skills (working, living is ALL about COMMUNICATION);

. is flexible, adaptable, is open to receive new knowledge


In other words, people who are intelligent.

What is intelligence?

The capacity to solve problems. Or, taken differently, the capacity to find solutions to problems.

Anyway, these are my thoughts. Yes, I communicate bluntly, differently. I consider I have nothing to hide. I stand strong because I have strong values that I put to the service of others. I have so much energy, creativity and passion to create a better world.

In conclusion, I want to work with other people who want to change the world. Evolve. Go further, higher, better, find ways to improve our society as it is. There is work. And it’s wonderfully exciting 🙂

That’s my way of doing things with “EXUBERANCE”: just daring being myself with no fear, no shame, no doubt, no guilt.


Géraldine Cavagnon

Mahatma Gandhi
Be the change you want to see in the world

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