Logo – Japan

Logo – Japan

GC&Cie realized the graphic design of the Kishikawa Consulting Logo.

An thorough research work has been realized to create a unique, strong and clear identity that shows precisely the image its Founder, Yasushi Kishikawa, wants to spread:

. Professionalism, sobriety, simplicity, modernity:

> A black modern, dynamic font has been chosen

. As well as a solid, strong, confident, reassuring facet:

>The font is quite thick and big comparing to the « K » initial of Kishikawa

. A symbolic color for the Founder: the color of the « K » of Kishikawa:

>Toulouse city pink, the city where he has founded his company. Pink is also a traditional color in Japan

. The Japanese origin of the Founder without giving in the clichés of the red round, cherry trees or the crane, usually symbolizing Japan:

> The « K » of Kishikawa has been designed under the shape of an origami

. Kishikawa is underlined twice: once in black, once in Toulouse pink. The lines are not fully parallel :

>Symbol of the dynamic commercial exchanges between France and Japan

. Main service offered: the « Consulting » word is supporting the Founder’s name and the company in a clear way


Kishikawa logo
Kishikawa logo

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