About Us

Two profiles with complementary skills



My intellectual curiosity has been a driving force for me to explore as many aspects of Marketing as possible in France and in other countries. Through my global perspective I bring a rich vision.

Since 2007, I provided strong leadership in Marketing management positions.

These positions gave me the opportunity to demonstrate my ability to create professional Brand Images and advertize them, as well as leading the necessary Marketing actions to drive Sales growth.

My experience in few words:
8 years experience in Marketing, Communication & Social Media management for products & services brands, in Business 2 Business, Business 2 Consumer, on a global scale. I have a proven track record of successfully increasing companies’ gross sales & improving profit margin by engaging creative, cost efficient and results oriented Marketing campaigns.


I developed, managed & promoted electronic product ranges worldwide through multimedia marketing campaigns while in France; Positioned brands, provided Marketing strategies & organized a trade-show for start-up companies in India;

Managed the creation of a Marketing department for a services company in USA going through the entire Marketing process:  realization of market studies, development of a Marketing strategy, incorporation of the strategy optimizing the sales process (choice & implementation of a Customer Relationship Management software, sales pitch content writing), management of multi-channels Marketing campaigns & creation and management of the company green program.


As far as I can remember, I have always cultivated an assiduous desire for renewal, an attitude that translates into the need to learn, to invent, to express and, above all, to overcome the CHALLENGES!

A 360 degrees experience:
More than 10 years in digital and print communication, where after having fun coding, I chose to focus more in graphic design, developing CMS and eCommerce and providing consultancy  and a follow-up to the companies as my skills and fulfilled interest in that field grown.

I have also experienced a beautiful entrepreneurial adventure for my brand C&M: from this time the concept of multi-tasking took all its meaning! In addition to managing my startup, I was in charged of the market research, the test phase and the design of products, the creation of brand identity, plus the Marketing and Communication in France and in English-speaking countries.

More than 5 years working in an international company specializing in B2B and B2C as Web Editor and Artistic Director.

Pool of Experts

With our experience promoting products & services worldwide, GC&Cie will enable you to benefit from a network of experts in all communication fields on a global scale.

Whether you are in EUROPE, USA or INDIA, GC&Cie has the right people and experience to deliver solutions for your challenges.

Moreover, we all embrace sustainability and work by its principles.

Our Process

  Step 1: Situation analysis  

Where do you come from ? What are your Marketing actions history ? What are your objectives as a company ? Short-term ? Mid-term ? Long-term ? What do you want to achieve ? What is your vision? In order to make the most appropriate recommendations possible, it is essential to have a global vision.

Step 2: Marketing plan / Project presentation & Goals setting

Presentation of a detailed Marketing plan/project, discussion & a S.M.A.R.T. goals setting. S.M.A.R.T: Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely.

Step 3: Implementation of the Marketing plan/project
Step 4: Results analysis presentation

Measurement of actions’ impact, presentation of the analysis and discussion with you to draw  conclusions and think about what it means for the future Marketing strategy of your company.

  Note: At GC&Cie we care for the people and the environment. All recommendations take into account our Corporate Social Responsibility & our impact on the Environment. A benefit for people, for the environment, for us, for YOU.

Our Values

  1. High standards

We aim for excellence in all our projects within your budget.

  1. Integrity

We provide the best Marketing recommendations possible to meet your goals. It means we might suggest different actions or ideas than what you first thought of. We believe an open dialogue and collaboration are keys to the best ideas and great success.

  1. Focus on ROI

We keep in mind that Marketing’s role at the end of the day is to help you increase your sales & profit while having a great brand image, awareness and reputation.

  1. Sustainability

We consider working sustainably is not a fad nor a business. We choose to work sustainably because it makes sense. It’s a smarter way to do business. We believe in the concept and embrace it.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

We are part of an ecosystem. Our survival depends on our environment & people’s survival. With this holistic approach in mind, we make sure our relationships are “win-win” and serve both parties interests in transparency with suppliers, customers and within the organization.

At GC&Cie, we walk the talk. No surprises, but COLLABORATION.