Strategy – big TRENDS of 2013 – MINDFULNESS

Strategy – big TRENDS of 2013 – MINDFULNESS

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Why Mindfulness can be useful in Business ? What is its purpose ?

We live in a consumer and high-tech society that overwhelms us with information and misinformation. We receive messages by e-mail, phone, social media, on billboards… Advertising is just everywhere (even in the bathrooms sometimes!!!). And everything goes faster and faster, our senses and brains are constantly solicited.

Noyés dans l'information !
Too much information !

We have to be successful professionally; we have to be a good husband/wife, a good father/mother etc… How much time is left to take care of our own body and soul? Not a minute.

We have to be really willing to organize our lives and create some time for ourselves. Moreover, who’s conscious of the importance and necessity of taking care of oneself?

It is in this context that, everyday, we have to make decisions. Sometimes even important, crucial decisions for our future.

Having some time for ourselves is a real challenge, but it is necessary for everyone’s balance. Learning to stay focused on oneself, thinking about what we really want to do, what are the best decisions to make (decisions for the greater good for the greatest number of people – a Buddhist principle), what is the best attitude to have in such and such circumstances…  It is anything but superficial.

Indeed, making decisions, reacting to situations fast and influenced by our environment is everything but a guarantee for a sustainable success… Be it for your Human Resources or as far as your entire company management is concerned ! Same observation when it comes to family and wealth management issues.

Lots of solutions emerge –or resurface- and fill more and more people’s existence. Meditation, Yoga, coming from the Far East… But there are also “Western Style” solutions: NLP, coaching, walking, personal development…

Whatever method you are attracted to and that works for you, just go for it!

Today, thanks to the Internet, information can easily be found, you just have to find the method that fits YOU well, and manage to create time in your schedule!

Come on inner peace I don't have all day
Come on inner peace I don’t have all day

A few examples of this trend getting stronger everyday:

Athletes Who Meditate: Kobe Bryant & Other Sports Stars Who Practice Mindfulness

A conference in the Silicon Valley gathering some of the largest companies in the world CEOs: Wisdom 2.0!

From February 21 to 24, 2013, was held the Wisdom 2.0 summit, where global companies where invited to think about Wisdom and Mindfulness (quality of presence and attention).

The summit was a success: 1600 participants, compared to a few hundred participants for the first summit, four years ago. Another sign that a deep desire to build a bridge emerges between the world of wisdom and the business world.

Many large U.S. companies – Ford, Google, eBay, General Mills, Twitter – already offer Mindfulness Training to their employees – on a voluntary basis, of course. This topic is also addressed in the Managers’ Training Programs.

Wisdom 2.0 summit
Wisdom 2.0 summit

 Wisdom 2.0

One of the most popular French magazine also on top of this trend: The Express and its Business and Meaning Club.

Indeed, the famous Express Magazine created a Business and Meaning Club with insert of special pages about social entrepreneurship and wisdom in its regular magazine. This move, on the part of the Express, speaks for itself regarding the importance that this movement is taking.

L'Express-du business et du sens
L’Express-du business et du sens

A country which has always integrated Spirituality in the Business World: India!

In India, they still have Gurus and Spiritual Masters! Yes! And it’s not a joke!

“Guru” literally means that a “Guide” will lead you from darkness to light…

Spirituality – and even religion…  is already part of corporate life. In a really present and even mandatory way. With the advantages and disadvantages that it can represent. But we will not cover this vast subject here and now! My point here is that Indians have realized the importance of spirituality, mindfulness, and the meaning of business a long time ago and they still practice…

So, when will you acknowledge and invest time in Body-Spirit balance? When will yoga or meditation take French corporations by storm?

What do you think of this “new” trend? What is your experience?

Feel free to share and enlarge the perspective of all readers!

Thank you.

Geraldine Cavagnon



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