Community Management: facebook and instagram

Community Management: facebook and instagram 

In French, English and German

We handle the Community Management for a Personal Development center in Switzerland. On two media in particular: facebook and Instagram. We create around one post a day and per language every day!

At first, the content was in French, English and German. Then, and for strategic reasons, we chose to concentrate on French and German. Indeed, these are the languages mostly used in Switzerland.

The contents in the three languages are found and / or created by GC&Cie (with client’s proof reading of course!)

Please see beneath, a brief overview of our scope of action:

. Unique and qualitative content creation and its scheduling

. Content curation


->Significant increase of the page fans’ number and interactions over time

->Drastic increase of the personal development center brand awareness

->Generation of interactions, engagement and conversations with the community

Facebook and instagram Ads:

->Drastic increase of the website’s traffic!

In order for you to get an idea of the possible results, please look at the graph below displaying the website’s number of visitors according to the ads’ waves realized on facebook and Instagram. The impact is clear!

RO graphic
Vagues de publicités sur facebook et leur impact sur le trafic sur le site internet

Also, here is the number of pages consulted following the ads waves.

Graphic RO
Vagues de publicités sur facebook et leur impact sur le trafic sur le site internet

However, if you would like to have more details, more information or if you have a project and you would like to get an idea of what’s possible, in which budget and what results can be expected, feel free to contact us !

We are always delighted to help you!

The GC&Cie Team

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