Community Management: facebook and instagram

Community Management: facebook and instagram 

In French, English and German

End of 2016, we started to manage the presence on Social Media of the Swiss based languages school Methode Naturelle. On two media in particular: facebook, and then on Instagram since this Summer. We create around four posts a week and in the three languages we speak here: French, English and German.

The strategy is to offer on Social Media educational information which is complementary to the courses offered. More specifically, on facebook and Instagram we share idiomatic expressions in English and German translated into French. The meaning is explained the “Methode Naturelle” way.

Each content is a unique creation realized with an idiomatic expression combined with an illustration and its translation beneath. An excellent way to memorize! All of this under the sign of humor, of course! The point is to have fun learning a new language!

On the other hand, we manage all interactions with the community.

Posts examples:

Post Méthode Naturelle en Anglais
Publication facebook Méthode Naturelle en Allemand

Post Méthode Naturelle_Allemand
Publication facebook Méthode Naturelle en Allemand


->Significant increase of the page fans number

->Drastic increase of the languages’ school’s visibility and therefore of its brand awareness

And in parallel of these expressions, we created ads in order to promote the school itself and its website.

Facebook and instagram Ads :

There are many objectives possible to advertize on facebook and instagram. Indeed, we can chose to focus on the Brand’s awareness, the reach, the traffic, interactions, apps installations, videos views, prospects generation, conversions, products’ sales on a catalogue and point of sales visits.

We chose to drive more traffic on the website. Thus, the number of “page likes” or of the “posts likes” is not the highest but the number of clicks on the links leading to the website is significant. A few hundreds per months!

Ads examples:

Pub MN test des couleurs
Le test des couleurs

Pub jeu concours MN
Jeu Concours

Fb Ads_MN_Patron
Le Patron

Post MN_Chinois Allemand
“L’Allemand ne sera plus du Chinois pour vous”


->Drastic increase of traffic on the website!

However, if you would like to have more details, more information or if you have a project and you would like to get an idea of what’s possible, in which budget and what results can be expected, feel free to contact us !

We are always delighted to help you!

The GC&Cie Team

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