Anyone Can Do Marketing !

Anyone Can Do Marketing !


Nowadays, everything, absolutely EVERYTHING, can be learnt on Internet.

And Marketing is easy !

You just need to follow a PROCESS

1/ Think

. Study your market and your competition

. Analyze, organize, structure all information collected to put together a consistent Strategy and Action Plan with: required Human and Financial Resources, the ROI objective and a defined timing.

2/ Act

. Tell what you do and Walk the talk

. Set performance indicators for all actions

. Measure the impact of actions lead

3/ Balance

. Analyze what worked and what didn’t work. Understand why.

. Invent new and better methods where results can be improved.

What are the requirements ? You need to :

. Know the tools online and offline

. Learn Marketing and Sales techniques

. Keep informing yourself on the market of the company you promote

. Keep informing yourself on the competition

. Like or at least be interested in Marketing

. Have ideas… LOTS OF IDEAS… In Marketing, you always need to come up with something new, different, better, innovative etc…

. Know Human nature. To communicate effectively and touch people, you need to know them well !

Last but not least: have or take the time to do all of that !

So, when do you start ? Where are you at in the process ?

Geraldine Cavagnon



2 réflexions au sujet de « Anyone Can Do Marketing ! »

  1. Well.. The best and effective way of manertikg is using Attraction Marketing.. Branding yourself and not your business opportunity..How do you brand yourself?By actually learning how to market.. You see most people don’t know how to market.. They just go around pitching their business opportunity and fail miserably.. So, by learning how to market you have now created a lot of value. And when you have value, u naturally have followers.. People follow People.. thats something that a lot of people don’t seem to get.. You want to offer a solution and not a problem.. The solution is helping others and teaching them how to market to get profitable in their business.. I know what your saying How is teaching someone how to market going to help you business.. Well you have to have a system in place.. You see.. 97% of the people out their arlrdy have a business which means they’re not going to join yours.. But thats same group of people don’t know how to market.. So.. Instead of going after people with a business opportunity, you offer to teach them how to market, by plugging them into a system.. Then you offer your primary business on the back end.. Some will join but most won’t.. but it doesn’t matter becuz either way you making money off of them.. You have the best of best worlds.. Your making money off of the people who join your primary business from using the system and you make money off of the people who simply want to learn how to market to explode their business.. It’s all about having multiple streams of income.. One stream isn’t going to cut it.. But yeah.. I guess that is it for right now.. It’s hard to cover that question in great detail in just one message.. And plus.. Im sleepy, lol.. But yeah though.. If you’re interested in learning more.. Just hit me up on skype or facebook..Skype: KafilTFacebook: search for Kafil Tunsill.. its only one of me with that name, lol.. Aight Peace

    1. Dear Kafil,

      Thank you for your feedback. You are right in many ways !
      It’s essential to know the needs and expectations of your prospects,
      how to market to it, and adapt to it like in “The Art Of War” by Sun Tsu.
      I see you also know the Law Of Attraction. Excellent !
      How do you market products/services/companies ?
      What is your system ?

      Thanks for sharing !

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