Maefred – Personal Branding

“I decided to create my own graphic design company end of June 2010. I hired GC&Cie in January 2011 in order to help me in my career transition from a Marketing point of view and to structure my services offer.

Today, my company is doing well and I’m able to sell my services with confidence to potential clients! I loved working with Géraldine from GC&Cie: she gave me lots of very positive energy and the inspiration to move forward and invest even more in my company.

Thanks to her, I identified the deep motivations of my company creation my objectives and those of my company Maefred, the clients I target etc… Moreover, I benefitted from all her ideas to promote Maefred !

Geraldine proved to be an excellent listener and analyzed my personality very well, which resulted in a strategy and recommendations that really correspond to who I am.

I recommend Geraldine and GC&Cie services to anybody willing to move towards a new professional experience !”