Madhyam/Eco-Hamlet – Social Media in India

« MADHYAM NGO’s goal is sustainable consumption and development. We focus on Sustainable Architecture, Agriculture and the development of ecological products.
MADHYAM’s job includes creating awareness among people and institutions on environmental issues and how to implement solutions. So far we developed our awareness locally through people and institutions in Pune city, India only.
GC&Cie helps MADHYAM increasing its Brand awareness by tailoring the right messages, using the right tools while staying unexpensive. GC&Cie uses Social Media to reach out to a maximum of people in all over the world in all sections of the society.
Since GC&Cie is communicating through Social Media for MADHYAM, we are able to connect with people from many countries in Europe, USA and expand within India as well. The idea is not to preserve knowledge but to pass it on so that the universe can benefit from ourknowledge. We share articles on best practices, photos, we organize events and advertize them.

GC&Cie is very efficient, responsive and always goes the extra mile suggested new ideas to improve our international exposure and collaboration with potential partners in India.We are very satisfied with our collaboration !”

Suchita Bhat, 2010

NdR : Madhyam is now « Eco-Hamlet »