Money Is A Good Energy

Money Is A Good Energyimages

Money is the materialization of the give and receive principle. “What you sow, so shall you reap”.

When you pay for something, be conscious of the message you send to the universe:

“I have abundance and I am sharing it”.

The more you send this message to the universe, the more the universe responds to that vibration frequency with more abundance in your life.

Whatever the message you send out to the universe, you get things back multiplied.

So if you want more money in your life, do not be afraid to spend yours (for a wise purpose of course).

BUT make sure your thoughts do not block the flow: have positive thoughts on money and make sure you are ready to receive money.

When you receive money, be grateful. Tell your gratitude to the universe to extend the positive energy.

Have your thoughts always aligned with what you do.

So be ready to invest & receive proportionally !


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  1. I wonder, how come do we alywas think that we can KNOW that someone else had to give it up ? What if it is sometimes true, yet not alywas What if that person, who gave it up, needed the lesson of losing the money? And what if you have this money showing up on your way because you’ve hoped for it somewhere deep inside?I somewhat wish the system to go, as well. Yet while it’s still here, I’m looking for to find some magic within it to make it more FUN 😀

    1. Thank you for your message.
      In France, many people do not like money. Therefore, they do not attract it and complain they have none…
      My point here is to show that Money is a good energy.
      It all starts from within. From your thoughts. Visualize and the Law Of Attraction will work for you too !

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