Strategy – big TRENDS 2013 – VIDEO

Strategy – big TRENDS 2013 – VIDEO

Facts & Figures at a glance for people in a hurry!


The 2nd Search Engine after Google is YouTube. It is now of utmost importance to have a presence on both Google AND YouTube. Not only to get a good ranking position on Google, but also because more and more searches are done directly via YouTube, without even checking anything on Google.

> The 4G arrives on the smartphones market, and videos are getting easier and easier to watch on smartphones. Therefore, they are more and more consulted: +19% video shares for 2013’s first quarter. And this is just a start.

> Clients who watched a video about products on the internet are 144% more likely to add products in their cart than the other clients.

> Online visitors who watched a video have an action rate 85% higher than the other visitors.

Figures from last year that are still relevant:

> 294 Million videos have been watched in France in February 2012

> +48,3%: increase of video’s advertisers. Marketers use more and more videos for their Communication strategy

> +35%: increase of online video campaigns for 2012’s first quarter

> 10% of published videos in the world have been watched from a mobile device, for 2013’s first quarter vs 4% one year earlier. That’s 20% more than the last quarter. 33% of these 10% come from tablets.

Ooyala reveals in its Global Video index Q1 2013 study that half of online visitors’ connection time is dedicated to video.

The most active sectors on this market are the mass market actors with more than 100 video campaigns launched on all French video devices. The Cinema/TV/Music sector is improving and became now the 2nd most active sector. The Health and Beauty sector is now in 4th position with 8 video campaigns, only for the first quarter.

There are several video types. Examples:


Saint Gobain:




Wizi app:


Evian Babies:


You have probably heard or read that video advertising is expensive… Well, good news ! YouTube created solutions to allow Small and Medium Enterprises to broadcast their videos too. Like on Google with Adwords, they created small budgets solutions: “You only pay when an internet user chooses to watch your video”. This is the TrueView system.

There are 4 ways to introduce your video advertising on YouTube. But for each viewing formula, payment method stays the same: pay per view. No click? No views? Nothing to pay! 

Video now became an essential tool for every communication strategy, like demonstrated by figures and facts previously stated. Search engines multiply initiatives to allow every structure, no matter their size or budget, to broadcast videos. If today, you do not even question the fact that you must have a website or be present on social media, it is now obvious that video is a MUST !

The real question is: HOW?

Which type of video to realize? How much money to invest? Where to broadcast? Which vendor to choose?

GC&Cie is here to assist you in your initiatives. Contact us, we are at your service!

Géraldine Cavagnon

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