Marketing & Spirituality… How To Combine Both…

Marketing & Spirituality… How To Combine Both…


Let me introduce myself and my business quickly…

I’m Géraldine Cavagnon and this article is about my own Business: GC&Cie, a Marketing Business & Spirituality.

First of all, what does GC&Cie stands for ?

GC is for Géraldine Cavagnon, me.

Cie is: Companie for the network of independent people I’m working with. In other words, FREE people.

-Yes, I believe in FREEDOM-


A few months ago – or maybe more, I do not remember exactly – I posted a simple, “innocent” question on GC&Cie’s facebook page:

“What do you think about Business & Spirituality” ?

Wooow… what a “touchy-feely” question, right ? ;-)… I love Politically Incorrect questions. They are the most interesting ones ! Raising true topics…

I got a few answers… Some say it’s totally different, you cannot mix both.

Some answered with the filter of their education, some with the filter of their religion…

Anyway, it gave me the opportunity to observe the conscious level of people and I could clearly see they were not ready to hear my message.  So I decided to let it go.

BUT Today, I am in the mood to make a real answer. I finally feel like sharing my perspective on things.

Some people will agree, other disagree but that’s all right. I just want to share my message and you will do whatever you feel like with it.

So let’s start from the beginning…

What is a business for ?

A business is an activity meant to provide a service or a product to other people using money as an exchange. The person doing the activity receives money and it allows this person to live being integrated in the society (rent or buy a home, buy food, pay the phone bills etc…) ; the people receiving the product or service are happy to enjoy something they would not do themselves by lack of skills or time.

We, human beings, have the vocation to create, develop, organize life on planet Earth.

We have a brain, a consciousness and it is our responsibility to keep it busy. [busy-business]. It is not the human nature to stay totally lazy and do nothing.

I’m sharing this with you as I feel we tend to forget how wonderful work is, how important it is… We tend to forget what the meaning of work is and how meaningful it is to our lives.

A business provides a product or a service, help to other people and it’s a beautiful reason to love working !

Multi-generational hands heart shaped
Multi-generational hands heart shaped

What is spirituality ?

We, as human beings, have a body, a mind and a soul.

Our body is the vehicle that is used by the mind and soul to accomplish things in the material world.

-your vehicle is very important, take good care of it ! –

Spirituality is NOT religion. Spirituality comes from your spirit. From you mind and soul.

Spirituality is made of who you are, what you believe in.

Your beliefs come from your education, religion, culture, people you met, your own experiences…

From your beliefs as a body, mind and soul human come your values.

What do you stand for ?

Business is made by and for people. People with their own value system. And these values determine how are they going to make business.

Why do I believe in the importance of spirituality in business ?

I believe we need to create a better world. Smarter and fairer to everyone.

I believe it is the responsibility of everyone to create positive improvements exactly where they are and now.

What positive improvements ? Consciously try to do what we believe is the best for the maximum number of people in your environment (people and nature) and economically speaking.


When we work with that mindset, everything we say and do becomes meaningful and important.

It is so rewarding and it brings TRUE meaning to our lives, we become conscious of the positive impact we have on other people’s lives and on the entire planet Earth. (think about the butterfly effect)

I know it might sound utopian… Well, OK.

But people I know can witness that it is truly how I live, who I am.

Even if, like everybody, I may have fears, doubts, feel discouraged at times; I am mainly focused on the positive side of things.

Everyday I ask myself: How can I improve ? How can I help ? How can I make people feel happy ?

So, this is my message: please be conscious of what you do and say. Be conscious of how positive of an impact you can make on humanity and on the planet Earth.

While doing business, think about it…

Last but not least, I want to warmly thank all my customers and partners.

These women and men who work hard every day (and sometimes nights) with passion to make a positive difference in this world, provide products and services that improve life on Earth.

I want to tell them:

YOU are LIGHTS. You do create a better world.

You are the positive change you want to see in the world.

It has been and it is an honor to work with you.


Special thanks also to Reksider who inspired me to share this message. NAMASTE.

Géraldine Cavagnon



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