How To Communicate on Social Media ?

How To Communicate on Social Media ?

10 ideas that work

First of all, WHY communicate on Social Media ?

Nowadays, it’s good (euphemism: it’s compulsory) to have a website but it’s not enough. Consumers want to know who they are buying from. They want to know you, what are your values, they want to make sure you are an expert and you provide good customer service. Social Media are an exceptional opportunity to provide that kind of intimacy with consumers !

WHICH Social Media choosing ?

Well, given the size of your Communication team or the time you can devote to Communication, my recommendation is to stick to the most popular social media: facebook, linkedin, twitter.

But of course, if you have the human resources and time, do not hesitate to be everywhere: Pinterest, Tumblr, foursquare etc… ! The more you are visible on many channels and frequently, the better it is for your SEO and the more prospects and clients you’ll get !

Médias Sociaux
Médias Sociaux

So, here you go, 10 ideas of WHAT can you communicate on Social Media:

1/ Your projects, realizations: new product, new service (remember, nowadays you MUST reinvent your business to stay in the competition…)

2/ Results of your products / services: how they wonderfully benefit to your clients

3/ New market: you are now present in another country or city or new store… Always more presence, it shows how successful you are

4/ Trade shows where you exhibit: communicate before, during and after !

Before and during to get people come see you, after to share the good results.

5/ Promotions, contests… Anything that keeps your sales dynamic !

6/ Conferences, networking events you go to. Opportunities to meet prospects and clients !

7/ Articles written on your blog or on your website that confirms your expertise in your domain

8/ Anything you read or see that can inform, help your customer. Any article related to your products/ services and that supports your way, is good to share.

9/ Articles you get in the press or on blogs

10/ Any new communication piece: new logo, brochure, etc…

HOW to Communicate ?

> Remember to be personal. Include pictures of you, your team, your booth, your products/service while in use as often as possible.

>Videos also attracts people on your post. Short videos if possible.

>What conversational style adopting ? Yours ! Be yourself !

But of course, make sure you make no spelling or grammar mistake and make sure you offense nobody with your words.

I Like Social Media
I Like Social Media

We wish you lots of success: fans and clients on Social Media !

Feel free to share your thoughts, questions or concerns and send us your comments below !

Thank you.

Géraldine Cavagnon


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