3 Main Components to Focus On To Build A Good Website

3 Main Components to Focus On  To Build A Good Website

Before starting anything, it’s necessary to ask yourself a few critical questions:

->What is the purpose of building a website ?

->How does it integrate the Marketing strategy of my company ?

-> What information do I want to provide ?


Always Keep In Mind What Is Your Website’s Main PURPOSE

The main purpose of a business is to SELL products or services and make money.

Likewise, a website is a Communication tool which purpose is to help you sell. If your website is not an e-commerce website, its purpose is still to “sell” your company, products, services providing the best IMAGE possible through appealing graphic design and quality content.

Your website is also an opportunity to COMMUNICATE with your clients and prospects. It’s a source of information for them but it is also an opportunity to engage a conversation with them.

Finally, the whole point is to get your visitor to ACT: download a document, subscribe to your newsletter, call you, e-mail you, make a purchase if it’s an e-commerce website…

Building a good website is all about applying the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid ) through all components of the website.

To build a functional and good website, you need to:

#1 Have A Good STRUCTURE

It’s a very important requirement to have a website that is well structured, organized…  A good ergonomy is KEY !

What does mean an “Ergonomic” website ?

-> Information classified in well-defined categories

->Limited number of tabs

->Limited number of columns

Why ?

->To facilitate the visitor’s navigation

->The navigation is easier and faster to read, there more effective and agreeable: it gives a better experience to the user

->The information must be easy to find

If the navigation is complicated, the visitor will leave the website immediately

Example: http://crm.dynamics.com/en-us/

Generally speaking a website is structured with 2 columns. If the main page is composed of image slides then it is visually acceptable to have up to 4 column.

Online visitors do not spend a lot of time on a website. They move on to other websites very quickly.

The visitor should understand what you do, who you are and have a feeling of your professionalism from the home page itself and within seconds, preferably without having to scroll down. It means the messages must be really short, clear and simple.

#2 Deliver Great CONTENT

Great content means valuable information which is easy to read and understand. The point is not to win a prize in Literature; the aim is to get your point across and be remembered for your expertise. It’s about communicating effectively.

In short, you want to:

->Communicate who you are and what you do, being easy to read and understandable by all

->Be perceived as an expert in your field:

Write content that provides valuable information to the reader and sets yourself as an expert in your field. Use any certification, testimonials, PR pieces that supports your status of expert.

->Get the visitor to communicate with you, engage a conversation. Think interactivity integration, think Social Media !

#3 Create A Wow DESIGN

What is a Wow Design ?

A design that translates your image as a company immediately: Dynamism, Action, Professionalism, Expertise, Openness, Happiness (who would do business with a team looking gloomy ?), Interested and Caring for its customers…

->Colors must be harmonized

->Use of space must be well balanced

->The information must be easy to read, not cluttered

Building a website becomes easier everyday and is getting cheaper and cheaper. However, building a good website, that leaves a positive image of your company and encourages traffic, is not as easy. It requires thought, a good strategy and some Communication skills…

A company that has a good website and is present on Social Media reassures potential clients and does convert Leads into Clients. It’s worth spending time and money to make your website a Success !

Geraldine Cavagnon



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